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Here we are another Friday to enjoy fresh news, relevant information and some other advice that never hurts. Today we'll see 64 bit operating systems, Docker, Raspbian updates and a racing game, so let's get into this fast-paced Pi World!

Video of the week: Novaspirit Tech > Raspberry pi 4 64 bit kernel


  • Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ y 4 (FydeOS): Well, the Chromium operating system for our beloved board. It doesn't have hardware acceleration yet and on Pi 4 it's hard to find the HDMI adapter, but I see it quite stable. |


  • Running Windows software on the Raspberry Pi (and other ARM devices) with Wine: I don't want to lose sight of this article. With everything you need to emulate with Wine your favorite Windows apps. |

  • Balena OS 64 bit: There are already 64 bit operating systems coming out for the Raspberry Pi, and this is one of them. Note, it is not an OS for everyone, only if you know what the word Docker means you will be interested. |

  • Bootable 64-bit Gentoo image for the Raspberry Pi4B, 3B & 3B+: I'm not an active user of Gentoo flavor, but I think the Raspbian guys are a little behind migrating the operating system to 64 bit. It comes with Linux 4.19, OpenRC, Xfce4, VC4/V3D, camera and h/w codec support. |


  • Raspberry Pi, Azure IoT Central, and Docker Container Debugging: Let's see, what's missing? We have the best board, tasty Docker containers and Azure IoT with some Python... I think it lacks salt, but try it yourself. PyLab 1: Raspberry Pi, Debugging a Python Internet of Things Application | PyLab 2: Raspberry Pi, Azure IoT Central, and Docker Container Debugging

  • VLI firmware v2.0 - powersaving features enabled: Do you have issues with your Pi4 and poor performance on USB ports? It's a very brief summary, but the following firmware "seems" to solve some of these problems such as transfer speed, but adds others. When will this nightmare end? |

  • Compatibility with ext-fat on Raspbian: Curiously enough, it doesn't have compatibility with this file system by default, but there is no problem if we run the following on the terminal:

sudo apt install -y exfat-fuse exfat-utils


  • A New bootloader EEPROM is available: Our Raspberry Pi has a memory called EEPROM that contains code to start the system and replaces the bootcode.bin found in the /boot partition of the SD card. This file is ignored in case of a Raspberry Pi 4. On the new thing that they have incorporated for the new board of the foundation, we have at last support for boot through the network, but I refer you to the changelog here. More info about the EEPROM memory on this link. You can update it with the following commands if you have the Pi 4:

sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade; sudo apt install rpi-eeprom
  • Revolt for Raspberry Pi: Revolt is a fairly addictive and visually very good radio control car racing game. I remember play this game with my brother in the 90's. Now we'll be able to enjoy it in our Raspi with this simple script that I have prepared for you. If you want to have in your Raspberry Pi a particular game that can be carried, put it in the comments, I accept suggestions. Thanks to the YouTube channel of PI LAB for the effort he's making to bring us all these games. | > PiKISS >

Happy weekend!

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