News this week in the Pi World!


I would like to take a serene and calm Sunday walk, or sit down to search news about Raspberry Pi without being disturbed by anyone... You're lucky, I opt for the second so you can do the first for me.

Video of the week: Lawrence Systems / PC Pickup > How To Access a Raspberry Pi Running Kali Linux Anywhere with ZeroTier


  • An API for your Raspberry Pi: An interesting project where you can have an API with which to access the GPIO of your Raspi | > rpiapi

  • Changes on Raspbian's theme: This week I upgraded the system and I was struck by a message that I quote: To apply the updates, please reboot your Pi, and then select one of the options on the Defaults page in Appearance Settings. Apart from a face washing of the icons by what I see, have included this menu to adapt the size of the icons and fonts to the screen according to our preferences. Very useful especially for small screens that we connect through the GPIO or less than 10", for example.


  • Wine 4.0-2 in Raspbian Buster repositories are useless: Well, I was going to follow this tutorial to have the latest version of Wine in Raspbian, but when I check the version we have in the current repositories with apt-cache policy wine, I see that it is not as outdated as I thought. The good thing is that we also have the kernel with 3G/1G VM memory needed to run this compatibility layer that will allow us to run many Microsoft operating system apps on our Pi. But my joy in a well, because this version of Wine only runs a specific type of files, and are not the Windows x32 that we all need. Luckily in the official forum are talking about the fantastic tutorial of Nova Spirit that we can follow from this link, although throw it an afternoon because its goal is to run a full Debian x86 operating system on the Pi.


  • piRoot Beta 1, a Debian x86 executable: and coming back to the issue of x86 compatibility layers in ARM, I came across this other project still in beta so that we can run a chroot of Debian x86 applications in Raspbian. |


Do you know what version of the Raspberry this is?
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Can Now Overclock to 2.147 GHz: What memories when I overclocked my Pi through 1400 Mhz! The processor of the Pi4 works at 1.5 GHz, but you can get it to 2 GHz with a change in the config.txt, but of course, it is recommended to have it cool. |


  • DietPi-Survey report page: And finally, something I hadn't noticed. I leave you with a curious report of the use that has this distro among all users. We can see several benchmarks in the best known boards and some curious data. What is DietPi used for? As far as I can see, especially to set up a development environment PHP+Lighttpd+MariaDB. |

Happy weekend!

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