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Hello again!. My new routine is being to maintain a couple of projects and launch myself into the adventure of rising a start-up so it's now or never. On weekends I improve and add new scripts to PiKISS for you, but it gets tiring, really. Even after a morning of testing a script, I upload it and someone comments that something is wrong. Those of us who are of age know that not everyone has the same scenario when it comes to running your applications. In this case, some have Twister OS, others test it in other distros (not supported), others don't have the default pi user in the system, and that leads to more and more hours of testing (each script takes me about 4-5 hours in total, I'll tell you why on another post).

I'm going to relax by finishing a couple of apps, writing for my Patreons (A greeting from here David J Leto, James Carroll, Mike A. Torevell & Rodney Hester), giving my opinion about the new Raspberry Pi 400 among other news... I hope you give me time for everything. You only have to do one thing: Stay tuned, the Pi World is starting!

Video of the week: leepspvideo > Raspberry Pi News episode 12.5. Raspberry Pi 400
  • New Raspberry Pi 400: The team already has this new ZX Spec... I mean, Raspberry Pi 400 and with a Spanish keyboard. Go get it if you're interested! |
  • Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC: Well, in Twitter I have given my opinion and the truth, on the one hand, is attractive, especially for those of us who have age and have already lived this of a computer with a keyboard, which reminds me of the Magic Keyboard from Apple by the way, but on the other hand you think that in half a year it will be obsolete and then, what do you do with the keyboard? The Raspberry Pis are piled up in a drawer in my closet, but piling up keyboards, is another matter. Good or bad idea then? The time will say it, and of course, we will see SBC with keyboard from now of the competition, and many,... Ready?. |


  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 on sale now from $25: Well, on the 19th of last month we also had a new model for those projects that require more compact equipment not suitable for all audiences, especially because of the theme of the tickets. You can buy a board that will serve as an interface with all these connections. I don't know if it has fulfilled all that Eben Upton promised according to an interview he offered and I read in, but there we have it anyway. |


  • Ubuntu 20.10 on Raspberry Pi delivers the full Linux desktop and micro clouds: Yes, Ubuntu, which was my favorite distro, is also officially supported. Some reviews I have read are not very positive, others are. Maybe for an average user who has used Ubuntu it's good news, but for those of us who have been here for some years, it's not enough. Raspberry Pi OS, Twister OS and others based on Debian (Ubuntu MATE I think it's also getting a good distribution) offers us everything we need and with better performance. Don't you think? |


  • Raspberry Pi 4 Gets Unofficial Android 11 Port: Everybody wants to see the world burn, but before that happens, we just want a stable version of Android in our Raspberry Pis. As always, in XDA there are some people who are trying it out until they get a stable enough version for us to enjoy. And here we have it, with 3D acceleration (sorry guys, no video playback atm) and we can copy it to a USB drive for better performance and speed. |

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