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Getting Started with Electronic Projects (free epub)


With Getting Started with Electronic Projects, you will create several popular electronic security projects. This practical and accessible guide will show you more than just building handy and useful electronic security projects.

What You Will Learn:

  • Build an infrared beacon with the LM555 timer for someone interested in night vision.

  • Develop a motion detector using a mercury switch-activated car alarm sensor.

  • Redesign your PC sound card into a real oscilloscope and signal generator.

  • Build an RF power meter with some RF assembly techniques and programming skills.

  • Use several ZigBee devices and a BeagleBone to create a wireless network of alarm sensors.

Link: packtpub.com

espresso-arm: PID Espresso Controller + Siri


Projects where you join a bunch of technologies that seem so disparate, fascinate me. Hallee has been playing with his espresso and managed to make it work through Siri, hacking it with a ODROID-C2 (Although could also use any SBC).

As operating system, He used Arch Linux and technologies we already know: GPIO, Python and something I did not know: Homebridge in a Node.js server using iOS HomeKit API. All the details below.

Link: hallee.github.io

News this week in the Pi World


Come on boys and girls, stop what you are doing. It's time to take a break. To compensate the lack of absent this week, I've prepared a variety of news to enjoy the weekend...

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News this week in the Pi World


I spent almost two weeks with a cough-runny nose and for me, it's not normal. I went to the beach, avoided air conditioners, rest at home, but nothing. I hope not to be another week like this. If you see me on the street, do not go near because this virus is heavy... Fortunately you can read comfortably at home and find out what I've been doing...

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New Benchmarks script on Raspberry Pi


Jordi González, a reader of this blog, sends me a script that allows us to stress/benchmark the Pi without downloading or compile code ... all very easy and from the command line:

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aikoncwd/rpi-benchmark/master/rpi-benchmark.sh | sudo bash

I invite you to go to their GitHub account for more information. Thanks Jordi!.

Link: github.com

Watch WWDC 2016 on the Raspberry Pi


Run the next script...

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