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Insync for Google Drive, free for a limited time

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Have your documents in the cloud it is one of the benefits that technology has brought us. InSync is a client for Google Drive quite cheap ($25 for consumers one-time) and for a limited time, offers its application for free. The only requirement is that you login with your Google account and install the application. It has clients for any version of Windows, OSX, Linux and Raspberry PI.

Link: insynchq.com

Download client: insynchq.com/downloads

New Raspberry Pi Zero


Image from blog.rareschool.com

The list of new features:

  • Connector for a camera (adapter cable required).

  • PP1, PP6 slightly offset, so there may be problems with some hats.

Links who talking about the new Zero:

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Monitoring the rain with Arduino


Today I will recommend an article that I think is so simple, original and easy. It's about using a rain sensor to open/close the roof terrace using Arduino.

Link (Google translate es->en): domoticadiy.com

News this week in the Pi World


You have available on raspipc.es the DIY Lego case now. In the meantime, let's see the Pi panorama in the week...

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RaspiMax for Raspberry Pi


RaspiMax is a Ubuntu MATE16.04 Raspberry Pi distribution based on a desktop distro with the name MAX, but adapted to the Pi thanks to Fernando Asanza Fernaud. It works on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. It comes in Spanish with two flavors: Oriented to education (with applications and need at least 16 GB SD card) or or without it.

I let you with the link and a blog from their author Fernando dedicated to the world of SBC with some other interesting project and captures.

Link: raspimax.es

Link: minimaxpc.es/

News this week in the Pi World


Image thanks to computergraffiti.it

While I was listening Life on Mars, recently remembered that PC that you see: The PC Olivetti S 286. It was 1994 and it was my first shock of reality with studies in high school. For better or worse, the studies were not better, I spent all the time understanding this new world of PCs that came over me with no more help than a friend and a spanish magazine called PCMania. Honestly, if I could go back to the past, he had been studying another profession that had nothing to do with computers. It is a world of wolves where it is very difficult to survive. The good thing is that I sometimes evade from the reality thanks to the Makers community and especially writting what's happening in the Pi World... Enter without ringing!.

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