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News this week in the Pi World

Orange Sorteo

Here we are!. a New Friday with interesting links about all this boards that make us gone crazy...

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Chinese online shop response: "Official" Enclosure for Raspberry Pi with great discount


Recently the guys from the Raspberry Pi Foundation officially commented that we should be careful with the imitations they sell in the Chinese stores of the case for the Pi, since they are imitations... The response of these websites has been reduce the price of these boxes by 57%.

Link: Gearbest

Link: Alibaba

Link: Dealextreme

News this week in the Pi World


Hi!. It seems that Orange Pi board is surprising us all or at least draws our attention. The price so striking and its features make us consider it when it comes to mounting a MediaCenter with Kodi or playing our favorite emulators ... Today we will see as every Friday the most interesting of the Pi World... Hey, ho, Let's go!

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IoT in the Home


The IoT space for home appliances is rapidly developing, so I decided to make a summary of some of the more impressive developments of the last year.

The Amazon Echo Assistant is perhaps the all-encompassing device on this list, because it connects all of your other smart home devices. Instead of having to interact with each device individually, the Echo can hear your voice commands and affect IoT device functions remotely. It is a must for anyone with multiple smart devices...

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Gamestarter-Pi news


Almost a year ago bite-your-idols released the project that I will comment again. It is an addons with which you can play retro emulators from Kodi.

From that initial script somewhat cumbersome, the project became an addon more or less well structured and very easy to install/configure by the end user, it is necessary to download the zip as any addon and install it from Kodi (The option of including it in a repo is upcoming).

As important news I could enumerate...

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News this week in the Pi World


Here we are another Friday with the best of this week on the Pi World... Let's Go!

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