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News this week in the Pi World


This week I've been quite active here. I've updated the Google Docs and I want to add at the end of the article on Friday an "extra" where you can meet interesting commands for the console... Check out inside the Pi World!

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New Raspbian OS with GPU support on Desktop


New Raspbian OS available with a number of improvements that we will discuss below. Surely one of them are very interested...

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RetroPie 3.5 released


We have available a new version of RetroPie, the retro operating system for gamers on the Pi, with the next features and improvements... Continue reading...

News this week in the Pi World



Apparently HardKernel are making a new board and I have already seen in several blogs that will be release on March. Meantime, we will continue as every week, seeing that is happening in the fascinating Pi World!...

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Steps to install Homestead on OSX/Linux using Vagrant


Today I get a little shaken the general theme of the blog to take some notes and remember the steps on something that is trivial for a developer.

This month I have to pick a project based on Laravel (A PHP framework for who does not know) and to be honest, do not touch the web development since last summer. So the first thing I'll do is to install Vagrant to avoid the use of LAMP/MAMP and generate unnecessary resources on my ancient iMac. Ready?...

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PHP 5.6 migration

I've migrated to 5.6 on server and I have issues with character encoding on spanish. If you are reading this, you don't have to worry.

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