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KODITorrent: Addon to watch movies & TV Shows through Torrent


Popcorn Time, Movie Box, TorrentTv, Flixtor,... are many and varied our options for streaming through the torrent protocol.

By chance I found this add-on that works perfectly on the Raspberry Pi and allow uncomplicated access to an extensive catalog with 720,1080 and even 3D qualities...

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RetroPie 3.0 Beta for Raspberry Pi 2 & PiPlay 0.8 beta 9


We have available the first beta version exclusive for Raspberry Pi 2 of RetroPie whose function is to build your own retro entertainment system and play several of the most popular emulators. PiPlay also has a worthwhile test version...

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News this week on the Pi World


My Desktop

This week has been busy, which is good for me. I disconnected a bit of everything, but here I am again ready to find the best news that happened in the Pi & ODROID World. I also wanted to mention that I am very excited because the chief editor of ODROID Magazine wants I write an article for the May issue of the magazine.

Here we go!

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News this week on the Pi World

odroid KitKat

It seems that in this blog we had the Videogame's Week. I'm debugging scripts from PiKISS to suit the ODROID-C1 and the new Raspberry Pi 2. But there is life after this blog, and I'm here to tell you what happened this week in the Pi World. Let's go!...

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ODROID Magazine March

Odroid Magazine March

This week comes with the monthly edition of this wonderful magazine for Odroiders enthusiastic.

The surprise I've taken when I start reading the first article and... It belongs to this blog!. It is the article about Android ver. 4.4. That I published in January of this year.

Thanks to the team that makes this magazine, and of course to you.


Link: Odroid Magazine

Updated the script to install Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Yesterday I had to check this game, and I was impressed with the performance on a Raspberry Pi 2. Is noticeable when loading each level. You need assign to the GPU at least 160 GB.

You can download the script from PiKISS > rwolf.sh