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Happy birthay to me!


Well, today is my birthday, so I have to take stock.

It has been a year with many emotional changes, I guess like everyone. Fortunately, today I live where I want, with the people I love and I love my profession, so my wishes are for:

Thinking that my wife has recover through an operation and everything went well, I'm looking back and see that we make the right decisions at the time. For Elena, I want that you keep trying to be more optimistic about life.

Laura, my daughter, I see you growing every day, and every year I think I live with her the best time and I'm around to see it, which is important. I wish you hapiness. I hope you never miss how affectionate you are with your family, who adores you.

To my parents, I can count on them and they with me, I wish they can live with us all the good/bad thing that around us. I am proud to have you.

To my friends, that I have something forgotten because my work, they know I will always be there, and whatever happens, I remember you every day. I want you to see life with the same light that I see it.

And you who read me, known or not, coming from all parts of the world, I can never thank you who have been there for reading. For you I maintain this blog and I wish it for many years.

I keep blowing the cake, fulfill years and have more experience, but will remain the same imaginative boy, confused, optimistic, entrepreneur and dreamer who you have always known.

I promise.

rpix86 version 0.19 released!


I had one of those productive morning looking for new ideas for the blog, which I will explain soon, and I have also gathered a lot of information for future post.

Today I want to comment the changes on a new version of this emulator for MS-DOS to the Raspberry Pi.

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News this wekk in the Pi World


Lemaker Guitar

Lo reconozco, llevo sin encender la RPi un mes. Los distintos compromisos laborales, de colaboración y personales me mantienen alejados de mis placas. Aunque no dejo de devorar artículos, actualizar mis Google Docs y disfrutar del Viernes, donde os pongo los artículos más interesantes que han sucedido en la semana.

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Recover files on Linux from NTFS partition

ntfsundelete logo


I usually have a NTFS partition to share files between OS X, Windows and Linux. Without wishing I deleted some files from this partition. Today I'll try to recover it without installing any software on my Linux distribution and in four easy steps...

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Banana Pi CookBook

Banana Pi cover

Has recently go on sale this book that collects 25 interesting recipes for Banana Pi.

I've participated in the elaboration of each chapter of this book, and I can assure you that it a MUST HAVE If you have one of these boards.

After the jump, I tell you what it's about.

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Raspberry Pi and the IoT


This weekend surfing the web, I found a very interesting guide about the Pi and the IoT (Internet of Things), where you will learn among other things...

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