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Eben Upton: Introducing the New Raspberry Pi B+

Eben Upton

Eben Upton

Just a quick note to announce that this afternoon 4:00 PM CEST (Europe/Berlin) we have a webinar with Eben Upton, the inventor of Raspberry Pi. You have all the details in the next link.

Benchmark on Raspberry Pi


We have seen many users doing overlock to know their PIs limit and not turn it into an ornament for your desktop.

Benchmarks allow us to know the computing power that has a CPU/GPU in general, and today I'll show you a command to check yours...

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News this week on the Pi World


Photo thanks to FenRiR DaWolf

Week holidays, but I have taken a moment to provide some links that I have found interesting.

Here we go!...

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Raspbian Net Install Guide


Before I take a few days, I wanted to leave you a very good tutorial about Raspbian Net Install. This is a minimalist distribution that we have spoken repeatedly...

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