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Raspberry Zero



We have on the Market a new Pi board called PiZero. As you can see, it's a smaller version and its a mix of features from B and B2. Their price: 5$. Let's see some of them ...

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Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook (free epub TODAY)

Rpi book

In case you do not know, Packt is a publisher of books and videos focused in technologic: IoT, programming, security, etc. They lead throughout the month of November giving away books and what is my surprise when the book today is: Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook. The book is priced at 23 Euros but today you can get it free. Hurry up!. Only for a limited time.

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Inferno OS on Raspberry Pi

inferno OS

I recognize that for many years tried almost all operating systems and even donated money to one called SkyOS who promised an awesome OS for the time (2009) although it was forgotten. I also remember one that fit on a floppy programmed in assembly called MenuetOS and today continues its development.

Inferno remember me to those operating systems but hey, I'll tell you a little about that after the jump ...

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CROZONO: Pentesting with Drones


Two passions joined in this exciting project to boards like the Pi. Thanks to jsitech.com (spanish link), I met CROZONO developed by Sheila Berta and Paul Romans.

It is an open source framework for pentesting with drones or robots. You know, attacks wireless networks and if there is vulnerability, send the data to access the network to you. In the above link you have all the details in Spanish and now I leave you with the project on Github.

Link: github.com > CROZONO

(qbian) qemu + minibian


Developers always have the facility to deploy our code in many different ways. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so. Lately admins put a lot easier with solutions like those offered by Vagrant or Docker among others. Today I have come up with an image that can be used in the Pi or qemu called qbian and promises a lot. Here is the link to their sources. Note that It's an initial stage

Link: github.com

News this week in the Pi World

Rpi in hand

Published a little late this week and succinctly, sorry. I do not want to miss to have them discuss this news.

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