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News this week on the Pi World

Maker faire

Few links have been interesting this week, but I'm faithful to put this collection each week, so...

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Arx Fatalis for Raspberry Pi 2 & ODROID


In the May issue of the journal ODROID Magazine, you can read an article about how to play a classic RPGs with this board. I talking about Arx Fatalis.

If you had no chance to play this game, NOW IS THE TIME. Choose your board: Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian) or ODROID (Ubuntu).

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LinkedIn help you to find a job


As you know, I am a freelance for a year and a half. Here in Spain and especially in my city, is difficult to find a job as Developer/Computer engineer being freelance and if so, is having contacts that "hold" you every month. So maybe it is time to seek paid employment.

I do not usually use LinkedIn (if you're curious, here is my profile in this network), but today I found that it have a fantastic searcher. If I want to focus on finding a job that makes use of my skills with Raspberry Pi, you can get a list with some companies interested in people with this knowledge, which today does not surprise me.

So if you want a job, you know that this social network can help you.

You're welcome.

Link: linkedin.com> Raspberry Pi

News this week on Pi/ODROID World


This week has been much movement in terms of new boards. CHIP, with a cost of $9 (hopefully lower their shipping costs now that they have surpassed the million dollars on Kickstarter) has been the most we liked.

We can already can read the new issue of the ODROID MAGAZINE where I have published an article about how to install Quake II in ODROID. But... There's more!...

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Making videogames for Amstrad CPC with Raspberry Pi/ODROID


I think you must feel retro, programming on a Raspberry Pi, a game for the Amstrad CPC listening David Hasselhoff.

For those who do not know, the Amstrad CPC was an 8 bit computer that marked trend between 1984 and 1990.

Today we will see how to install CPCtelera, an engine which has just released its first stable version and greatly facilitates the creation of games for this computer with C or assembly code.

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Read Only Operating System

SD Lock

This is a Spanish translation of the article sited in blog.pi3g.com > Make Raspbian System Read-Only

Thank you Max for the post.