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Contest Results Win a book about Raspberry Pi


Today is the World Book Day and I wanted to resolve the contest I announced a few weeks ago.

The winner is @sdeancos and the chosen book Raspberry Pi Cookbook. I've already been in contact with him and the book will arrive this Friday via Amazon.



Maynard, Wayland-based desktop for Raspberry Pi

Maynard thanks to Marco Barisione

Be honest, LXDE is a lightweight desktop but not have hardware acceleration makes opening any application an odyssey and take longer than we wish. Nearly a year ago we know the development of Wayland but everything is in a Alpha state and we don't know when come to us.

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Howto make Raspberry Pi a reliable server system!


This week I am a little distracted with personal business, but remember that the contest ending tomorrow and you can win a book about Raspberry Pi. You have the details here.

Today I bring you a link for those who plan to just set up a server on your Raspberry Pi, from the point of view of the SD card and file system optimization.

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News this week on the Pi World

rpi module

What the hell is this? I tell you: A RAM module disguised as a Raspberry Pi. LOL

Busy week as you have seen, or not seen in this case as I have not written anything so far from the past Sunday, but I'm happy with everything that is happening in my life, and also happy to show you what happened this week in the Raspberry Pi scene.

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