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Review + Youtube: Android v. 1.1 (4.4.2) on ODROID-C1

Odroid-C1 with Android

I've never trust on use Android in this kind of boards due to my constant failures to make it works and do it efficiently. Today we can see in this article if it's worth having a ODROID-C1 with Android running multiple applications, games and emulators. I advise that if you have a Raspberry Pi, better stop reading...

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News this week on the Pi World

Odroid Box

Here my ODROID-C1!

The weeks I write little news means I have some tutorial or much work at hand. This time it's the latter, that to be Freelance is not bad. However, do not neglect the section on Friday and I encourage you to comment about today's news. Here we go!

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Gideros will be available on Raspberry Pi


Gideros Studio is a Lua-based, cross platform game engine allowing easy creation of apps and currently supporting iOS and Android targets. Launched in 2011, Gideros has become one of the most successful game engines with 20,000 developers registered and 500 games published...

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News this week on the Pi World

Life of Pi

The Life of Pi

Week with lot of movement in this humble blog: Responsive web design, an average of 800 daily visitors, my first tutorial of the year about RetroArch with OpenELEC and reached 400,000 visits in 2 years...

Today we'll read news Banana/Raspberry Pi, and a cool video about ODROID-C1 running RetroArch...

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raylib: Simple and easy-to-use library to make videogames


raylib logo

If you've ever programmed or know SDL, Allegro libraries, or any kind of framework, you may have noticed all the save time by yourself to implement certain system calls or the language you want to use.

raylib is a small open source library under the license zlib/libpng in C very interesting with simple examples so you can create multiplatform games or multimedia applications. Also supports Android, HTML5 and of course Raspberry Pi.

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400k visitors!

Thank you

Today I'm celebrating ... This blog has reached 400,000 visitors!

The words of thanks go to my family that supports me even now labor uncertainty will gradually overcoming, and to you for reading and sharing everything I write here.

My goals for this year is to give a facelift to the blog, and introduce more content related to other boards, without neglecting our beloved Pi.

We continue to read, and hopefully for many years!