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News this week in the Pi World


Hello everyone!.

You know what?. I've been keeping a little secret since before the summer. It is a pending task that I had, I am very excited to do and I hope you like it. On Monday we'll unveil it, so while you wait for spectators in front of the screens of your devices, I'm going to summarize the best of this crazy Pi world in the next post.

I apologize to my English readers for the fact that I have never fully translated this section and I do comments on each post in the Spanish version. It's due lack of time, but I'll try to work it out in future posts starting with this one.

Let's go!

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News this week in the Pi World


Tiring week and it's not over yet. The funny thing is that I'm sleeping well and it makes me concentrate more when I work. It's weird in me, I don't usually sleep for more than five hours.

I'm going to take this Friday morning to review the fascinating Pi World. Will you come with me?.... Well, you're missing it.

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Good practice guidelines for name elements in a database


A friend told me about good practice guidelines for name a database. This is like everything in the life, it takes experience, but the basics I usually follow would be summarized as:

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News this week in the Pi World


Imagen de Chason Pompey

One of those tough weeks in which I didn't have the time until now to give an overview of the development/the size of a credit card/IoT boards. What do you call it? I read your answer in the comments while I enjoy the rest of August collecting links from the Pi World...

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RPi Cam Web Interface


Very good project for those who have the Raspi-Cam and do not want headaches when it is displayed in a web interface. It has served me as a surveillance system for a few days. It has many options for timelapse, motion capture, etc ...

One note. To switch off the red led, edit the file /boot/config.txt and add at the end:


Link: elinux.org

Link: github.com > silvanmelchior/RPiCamWeb_Interface

Link: sitepoint.com

Digital media conversor


This is a sponsored post. You can read it in spanish here.

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