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Mongodb on macOS


I've never used MongoDB, but I started a new Node.js course using this NoSQL DB and I'm going to write a few words about how to install it on macOS.

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Spanish Webinar: Introduction to IoT with AWS


On June 27 at 17:00 (Spanish time) will take place a free webinar where they will try to offer an introduction to IoT with AWS.

More info (spanish): pages.awscloud.com

News this week in the Pi World


Today I wanted to thank first of all the comments received after last week's. I feel better and want to do a lot of things. I also thank the 770 Twitter followers through my account @ulysess for joining me on this social network and celebrate that I have exceeded 800 posts. We are getting closer to the million visits and, to be a blog so specific and for Spanish/English speakers, is not so bad.

This week I received some comments about applications that I compiled long time ago and that they no longer work properly, perhaps due to new versions of Raspbian or because I used the Raspberry Pi 2... This weekend I will try to see where fail and recompile if necessary for Pi3. Meanwhile, I leave you with the most interesting weekly links of this frenetic Pi World...

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Automatic bartender


Today is my daughter Laura's birthday. The guests come, all prepared with music, food, fun assured, but... Someone will have to serve the drink, right?. Since Siri still has no arms, let's see how these guys have done in a curious DIY at instructables.com...

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News this week in the Pi World


Things are not going well this year with regard to my work situation. Making bad decisions one after another does not help, but you never know. I'll try to be more optimistic. Surely the storm passes tomorrow, and when I look out, I see a resplendent Sun that will accompany me as does the following links on the shining Pi World...

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PINN: An enhanced version of NOOBS


Let's face it: You must already have at least 5-10 miniSD cards for your Pi or others boards, but when you open the drawer to burn a new image, you only find one. I know, it happens to me, too. The solution is to have all the operating systems on the same card, and for that NOOBS is the best solution, since it allows you to have that same. We have a pretty interesting fork called PINN that we are going to meet right now.

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