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News this week in the Pi World


Nothing remarkable this week, but you can always dive on the net to find some fresh news to cook, don't you think?. Come on, I invite you...

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Make your own beer with Raspberry Pi


I'm not very fan of beer, but I found two projects to people that really like it. With this system you can control how your beer will ferment. Some even have mobile apps.

The projects links are:

Link: web.craftbeerpi.com

Link: brewpi.com

News this week in the Pi World

SF Kit

Good and happy Fridays for all! This week we had the 3/14, so it occurred to them to celebrate that day the number Pi, name that is very linked to our IoT community. And although I'm usually late for the parties, I've brought some food and drink, so... Let's party!

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Digital DVB-T on Raspbian and Debian flavours


Honestly, I've always thought that setting up a DVB-T tuner was more of a headache than anything else. Nowadays everything works almost at first, but when you buy one of these is as Forrest Gump said: "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know if the tuner that you bought it will work on your distribution". Fortunately it has not been as painful as I thought at first and I show you the process that followed you and my future self, that you will not remember how to install it again next week. Continue reading...

News this week in the Pi World


It's been a long time since I updated my PiKISS project. This week I had time to play with Pi3 and continue some stuff I had pending. Otherwise, the Pi world is still spinning and spinning around. Don't search anymore. Here you will find the most interesting news of development boards...

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New MAME releases for the Raspberry Pi


UPDATE: MAME 0.183 with gcc-6 included in PiKISS installation. It's a bit risky and takes quite a while to install dependencies, but in my initial tests, the operating system remains stable.

It seems Shea Silverman upload a compiled version for Advance MAME (Pi Zero). That has made me visit the website of the official version, which since December last year has official release for the Pi, so we can enjoy the latest developments in this arcade machine emulator without having to compile it by ourselves.

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