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News this week in the Pi World


Batman and Panda Bear have got one of the missing Pi Zero.

Some are still wondering what is happening with the Raspberry Pi Zero. It seems that they can't handle the success, even though the promise of a $5 board is not such thanks to currency conversions and shipping cost. Hardkernel it also suffered with the stock of ODROID-C2. It has been a success and is the only one who can look into the face to the Pi. We continue to read news and dreaming with a cheap board with the power of Desktop PC in the Pi World...

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RetroPie with Spanish Retro Scene thanks to consolaviejuna.com


I continue this week talking about emulators and games. This time with a curious project due its originality thanks to @ConsolaViejuna: Script to set the current Spanish Retro Scene with RetroPie. With this script, we can get Spectrum, Amstrad emulators, Spanish Software and so on, ready to play. Does it seem interesting initiative?. Well read on...

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Deploy your Git code by FTP to a remote server


Not always will be lords and masters of a VPS with SSH connection to upload into production our projects. Sometimes we'll find servers where the only option for upload your code will be using the FTP protocol, which is a bummer when one or more do deploys in a day. If you work with Git, I'll teach you my method to upload the commits to a ftp server without changing the technology.

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GameStarter: Retro Gaming installation for Raspberry Pi (OpenELEC)


UPDATE: New install method through addon.

Bite Your Idols! has contacted me to present the next project that particularly think all of us will enthuse. It's about install through SSH or addon a bunch of emulators and games in OpenELEC. We already knew several solutions to achieve that, but I think this is the best of all alternatives.

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News this week in the Pi World


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a talk about IoT in my city given by Ulises Gascón (@kom_256). I thought I had heard all about IoT and Ulises has impressed us with a great presentation and practical classes. From here I want to thanks for the master class. Here are their projects github and his blog (spanish).

Let's review the best of the best in the Pi World... Hey! Oh! Let's go!

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View/streaming via Torrent with Webtorrent-cli


The streaming content via Torrent has become the workhorse of many developers struggling to impose this way of broadcast content between users without industries such as MPAA can hardly do anything. I'm not running for or against. I'm paying for online-content and sometimes also download some TV shows I can't get in my country.

In any case, a new tool has appeared on the scene in recent days that surely you already have read something: Webtorrent Desktop. Perhaps what maybe don't you know is that it has a version for the command line that run perfectly on boards as Raspberry Pi or similar. This weekend I've tried and I'm going to teach you how to install and use it.

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