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ADRIAN Home asistant now open source


ADRIAN bring simplicity to your home through voice automation. Get a morning news update, stream music, control your smart devices & ask just about anything.

About this project, I must to see that ItÂ’s FREE, open source and has a modular functionality.

Adrian - Open Source Home Smart Assistant - Raspberry Pi Project

The last weekend goes open source and now you can grab the image (3.4 GB) here.

Link: theadrianproject.com > Hardware Installation

News this week in the Pi World


At the beginning of next week I plan to upgrade the blog to a new version of PHP, since I am using an obsolete and hosting forces me to change it ... So if you see something strange, a comment in this post would help. I leave you now with some links to get hot now that has entered December in the Pi World...

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Genymotion + local web server with different domains


If you find this post, maybe you are in trouble configuring Genymotion + local web server with some domains.

I use the combo Appcelerator Titanium + Genymotion to develop Android Apps and I use a Mac local web server with Laravel Homestead (Vagrant) which has more than one domain configured. This becomes a knightmare if you don't know how to config this environment, so follow my guide to make this work.

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News this week in the Pi World


I can not stop thinking about everything that is happening in the Pi World and that I'm losing because of my professional commitments. So instead of watching a movie with popcorn on a rainy afternoon, I spent compiling articles and links for my faithful followers. Joining me?...

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News this week in the Pi World


Hey!. I have not been here for a long time. The work now prevents me from having some free time to procast or maintain the blog, but I have a space right now to gather in this short space of time, all the best of the Pi World... Jump!

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Upgrade to bash 4 in macOS

bash 4

I know. Sorry for the long delay in updates. Been extremely busy with my job developing mobile apps and other stuff.

I came here just for write a notes about install Bash 4 to get some interesting feature from this Shell.

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