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News last week in the Pi World


Now I'm back from my vacation and I wish to do/learn new things. The Pi World has not stopped turning, so we'll check links of everything that happened last week on the plates with the size of a credit card. Remember that I also expanding links in my Google Docs about the Pi here... Let's go!

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News last week in the Pi World


This week I'll flight to Germany and I can't update this blog. If someone is going to miss me, say it in the comments (I appreciate it). Today will have double ration of Pi World, so take a site and not let this post abandoned in your browser, because we never come back to read it later;)

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ODROID Magazine issue (March)

ODROID Magazine March

We can get the new issue of ODROID Magazine, commenting about ODROID-C2 with other interesting articles:

  • ODROID-VU7 Backlight: Adding a Digital Control System

  • Super Eyes: Hand Tracking and Surveillance with the OCam

  • ShowMeStuff: A Smart Kiosk System for Your ODROID-SHOW

  • Byobu: Your Linux Terminal on Steroids

  • Half-Life: Black Mesa Has Come to the ODROID Platform

  • Exagear: Get More From Your ODROID with TeamViewer, Spotify and Skype

  • Using ZRAM: Memory Expansion through Compression

  • MQTT Basics: IoT Made Easy

  • ODROID-C2: 64-Bit Low-Cost Powerhouse

  • Real Time Linux Kernel: The ODROID-C0's Best Friend

  • Toner Reset: Extending the Life of Your Laser Printer Cartridges

Download: magazine.odroid.com

RaspArch y RaspEX: OS adapted to the brand new Raspberry Pi 3


I think except once here, I have never commented operating systems that is building Exton for* Raspberry Pi 2/3*. They are Debian-based Ubuntu + (RaspEx) and ArchLinux (RaspArch).

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News this week in the Pi World


What's going on with the Raspberry Pi 3?. Heated too, It's not real 64-bit. Is it the Windows Vista of SBC?. You can visit the comments here on Google+ to clear your doubts or continue the flame wars, or you can relax with the links below in this wonderful section about the Pi World!...

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Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to (FREE Epub)


Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to provides a clear and concise guide to Minecraft: Pi Edition, from setting up a Raspberry Pi and getting Minecraft running, right through to some simple (and not-so-simple!) programming. The programs used in this book can speed up the Minecraft building process and allow interactivity that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

This book will take you through a number of clear recipes showing you how to set up a Raspberry Pi, introduce you to the Python programming language, and show you how to make the Minecraft world communicate with the real world.

Link: packtpub.com

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