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News this week in the Pi World


I've been all week testing the new version of the application by Eltechs Exagear Desktop to virtualize a x86 environment on ARM processors. It was not easy. Not by the application itself, that it works out-of-the-box, but think what software I can test and see how Wine continues to frustrate my attempts to make it work. To relax a little, I've been watching news that might interest you just like me...

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Build a replica Apple III


Sunday afternoon I spent ordering links forgotten in my browser. Among them I found this video where a user builds from scratch a replica of a Apple III in miniature. It has no function and is only a shell, but watch the creative process from the first sketches with drawing programs, the 3D model and finally paint the pieces once you've printed in 3D, worth a try. The result is not important, honestly, but the result is amazing.

How II 0x03: Build a replica Apple ///

News this week in the Pi World


On Friday I did something that every developer must avoid at all costs: Up to production or deploy as we used to say. You know, you have the code that have been gestating months and it`s time to put visible to your customers or the world. Fortunately, everything went well and today I want to relax watching what happened in my absence in this crazy and metamorphic Pi World...

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Play ScummVM on Raspberry Pi

Monkey Island

Laura plays better than me The Secret of Monkey Island

In a utopian world, Raspbian comes with a installer like Steam for games and programs that just run any program out-of-the-box. Unfortunately it is not the case. Due my daughter is turning six years, I want to show her the exciting world of adventure games, so I present in this article how to install ScummVM in your Raspberry Pi using SDL2.

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Marketing tips to send your own project (Sponsored post)


Due to the success of the post on Mail Marketing from MailRelay, the company retells me to discuss the benefits of this system. The method is simple: Just press all links in this article for more information if you are interested. If not, WhatsApp will be deleted from your smartphone.

The most important thing for an online store or when selling your own development, is to reach the widest possible range of audiences in order to give to know. Email is the oldest method to convey this information to an individual or company, but also the most effective.

Today I want to talk about email marketing with Mail Relay

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News this week in the Pi World


This weekend I go to Retropixel organized by the Altair association in the Faculty of right in Malaga. I hope to attend the talk of Francisco Gallego about CPCTelera which I posted an article last year. Today I am nostalgic (warning: birthday approaching!), so please don't pay me much attention...

Pi World,... here we go!

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