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SOLID principles PHP Edition. Today, Liskov Substitution Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle. Generated with AI.

In the noble art of coding, you should remember the SOLID principles always. Sometimes, I forget some of them, so here is a brief explanation of each principle:

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Dependency injection pattern explained like you're 5
dep injection
Why did I choose that example for explaining dependency injection?. Generated with AI.

Today I was asked this question in a job interview, and I found it to be a very simple way to explain dependency injection. Here's the explanation I gave, a bit more detailed (I'm sure it blew my interviewer's mind):

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Tuples Vs Lists on Python
Tuples Vs Lists
Tuples Vs Lists. Generated with AI.

tuples and lists are two types of data incorporated in Python that are used to store collections of elements. Although they share some similarities, they also have key differences. Let’s look at them:

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Prettier - Code formatter with PHP support on VSCode

Just a quick note: To get php support when you type 'format document' on the Command Palette, just run the next commands:

cd ~/.vscode/extensions/esbenp.prettier-vscode-x.x.x/ # x.x.x is the current version of the extension
npm install @prettier/plugin-php

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CentOS for web developers

Today I'm angry with the world. Why didn't anyone tell me Red Hat had a decent operating system? I have had to deal with a team CentOS 7 and I leave some notes here just for reference, and I'll complete them with some difficulties. The profile will be of web developers. Let's go!.

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Good practice guidelines for name elements in a database

A friend told me about good practice guidelines for name a database. This is like everything in the life, it takes experience, but the basics I usually follow would be summarized as:

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Hide the Apache web server signature

When Apache can't find a url or the user does not have permissions to see a certain page (403), add a signature at the bottom of the page with information about the installed version as you can see in the image that heads the article.

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