News this week...


Well, at last Friday. This weekend we play with our Raspberry Pi. I give some ideas to cover news this week have been several blogs.

  • PiParted v0.03

    Distribution from GParted LiveCD ISO dedicated as you all know to download and install distros from (easy method). Size: 149 MB.

  • Rpix86 has logo!

    Finally have this great DOS emulator logo. Patrick has been busy, but the MIDI synthesizer support continues to progress.

  • PiMAME 0.6 Beta 5 - Now with PlayStation support!

    As you can seen in the video, everything seems to go quite well with the PSX1 emulator. In the next version will come with a distribution updater not have to be downloaded every time an image.

  • New OpenELEC 3.0.1

    Frodo 12.1 Updated with corrections for our Raspi among others, several drivers and packages updated in the distro. Full list of changes here. Download here

  • Starting with Arch Linux

    One of these days I will try this fantastic distro. Fran Carver has an article explaining the first contact he had with Arch Linux in Raspi.

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