[About me]

While I wrote these lines, I'm listening *This is Gallifrey* from *Doctor Who* (I recommend you listen it right now as you read what's coming)...

My name is **Jose Cerrejon Gonzalez** and I live in ***Huelva (Spain)***. I'm Freelance and you can visit my **LinkEdIn** profile [here](https://es.linkedin.com/in/jmcerrejon/).

I was born in 1977. *Cancer* sign. I'm married, I have a daughter, a brother, the Apple's pack (you know: *iPhone XR, iPad mini 2, Macbook Pro 2018 15 inch)* and a bunch of boards, including *Raspberry Pis, ODROID XU4, C1 and C2*.

I'm a patient person, understandably, nostalgic, quiet and almost never finish what I start.

I like from the society movies and TV Shows, meet friends and enjoy my wife and daughter.

I like from the digital world procrastinate learn with my feeds daily, including news about linux, develop & design, security and hacking world, *Apple* & *Raspberry Pi*. I was born in the world of *BASIC*, *Spectrum*, *MSX* and *MS-DOS*. I've been through *BeOS, QNX, Linux, Windows* and now *OSX*.

I'm in the *Apple's* world today because I bought an *iPhone* just off on a trip to *NY*, and step by step I have been captivating because simplicity. I think it's late to move to *Android*, It's far from having an ecosystem like *Apple* has today.

Why I stopped using actively *Windows* and *Linux*? *Windows* for the usual reasons, what can I tell you not to know. Linux because I spend much time configuring the environment, now I try this and now that, just for fun. It's good when you have nothing to do, you're young and no have social life. I'm not consider a fanboy, I say *Apple* allows me to focus on what I want with no distractions, and everything works *out of the box* and fast, both in *OSX* and *IOS*. In short, I'll talking about be practical and know how to prioritize in your life what is most important.

Among my tastes and preferences have evolved guess over time, but can be summarized with the following images:


I forgot Tron, ouch!

[My life as a developer]

I didn't like to use heavy frameworks or things that make me life easier. Even so, I prefer to learn quickly. I like the security world, and a code optimized and fast. Better if I can avoid *Java*. I am currently developing applications with *AXway Appcelerator Titanium in Javascript* and *Laravel*.

  • Favorite Editor: *VSCode*.

  • Favorite Languages: *PHP, JavaScript*. Specially the latter. | I really like to learn: *Swift, Kotlin or Go* | I'll never learn: *Java* (never say never).

  • Favorites Frameworks/SDKs: *Electron, Axway Appcelerator, Leaflet, Bulma, Node.js, Laravel (I still need to be a good artisan)*.

  • My biggest frustration: Learn to create f/x or 3D computer graphics and front-end part in projects.

[The Web: Objetive]

Several. At first I did it to practice some programming methods, or put some interesting things that I find out there. You will be my lab rats and see changes in the blog I hope you like. I've also done because people asked me after visiting my *Google Docs* notes where I collect and classify all I consider interesting about Raspberry PI.

I will continue to keep the *Google Docs* shared, but the daily news will no longer there, so I will try to create a place with updated information as far as possible, with various topics that interest me, and that you may be interested, too.

The news or articles have a brief description, you can complete the link that appears in the article. I do not intend to duplicate information, just show you where to get it.

The web as you can see is in two languages. My native language is Spanish, and I have an medium level of English. The blog will help me to practice my English, so if you see grammatical errors, correct me please.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I create it, and I also hope it does not get bored soon.

Twitter: [@ulysess10](https://twitter.com/ulysess10)

LinkEdIn: [es.linkedin.com/in/jmcerrejon/](https://es.linkedin.com/in/jmcerrejon/)

GitHub: [jmcerrejon](https://github.com/jmcerrejon)

**PS:** I have still 18 seconds left of the song ;D