rpix86 0.07


This version contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a potential crash when a game moves the cursor far outside the screen area.

  • Implemented a dummy OUT 82,AL operation (Alone In The Dark)

  • Improved SB IRQ behaviour for short DMA buffers (Alone in the Dark)

  • Implemented a missing REP MOVSW Mode-X to RAM operation (Ween - The Prophecy)

  • Fixed a bug in REP MOVSW RAM to Mode-X operation (Ween - The Prophecy)

  • Implemented reading from DMA page register (Super Frog)

  • Implemented USE16 version of Mode-X REP STOSD opcode (Super Frog)

  • Implemented USE32 version of REP INSB opcode (Super Frog)

  • Implemented USE32 version of REP OUTSB opcode (Super Frog)

  • Added JPE special handling for "Super Frog"

More info: Patrick's blog

Link: PiStore | rpix86 blog

Link: forum

Link: dsx86 compatible list



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