rpix86 version 0.08 released!


Some time ago withouth info about this x86 emulator. My dream is that someday emulate Stonekeep. Everything will come.

I leave you with the features of this release:

  • Fixed text mode cursor handling that sometimes left extra cursor images.

  • Increased mouse cursor movement speed by 4x.

  • Added a JPO opcode special handling for NHL '94.

  • Added special REP STOSB STD Mode-X version for NHL '94.

  • Fixed resetting the active screen page at graphics mode change.

  • Fixed text mode palette problem (black screen) in QBASIC.EXE.

  • Fixed a key translation table problem with Caps+Shift+Q,W,E,R and T keys.

  • Implemented UK keyboard hash key mapping when running under X Window.

  • Improved AdLib timer precission for better AdLib detection behaviour.

Link: Pi Store

Download: rpix86 ver 0.8


NHL 94

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