OpenMSX 0.10.1 for Raspberry Pi!


Updated 27/Sep/14: New 10.0.1 binary!!

In this post you can get the latest version of the OpenMSX emulator I've compiled for you and if you are a PRO, how to compile it by yourself...

This post is dedicated to Eduardo, a user who contacted with me by email to ask how to emulate a MSX with the Raspberry Pi.

[ Compiling... ]


In four hours and solving a few dependences, you will get the compiled binaries of this great emulator

Now you have a PiKISS script to do it automatically: Check here

First download the source code. It can be obtained from Sourceforge website here. The date of this version is May 1, 2014.

Once uncompressed in a directory, you must resolve dependences. With Raspbian for example use the next command:

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libglew-dev libao-dev libogg-dev libtheora-dev libxml2-dev libvorbis-dev tcl-dev

Then you only need to run the following to compile and install:

sudo make install

[ Binaries ]

I created a .deb package that you can install and download from the next url:

Download: New! > openmsx0.10.1armhf.deb | Old > openmsx0.10.0-1armhf.deb

dpkg -i openmsx_0.10-1_armhf.deb

Remember you have to install dependencies: sudo apt-get install libglew1.7 libtheora0 libao4

Run a rom file with: openmsx file.rom

To uninstall: sudo dpkg -r openmsx

It use as bios the C-Bios which is royalty-free, but you can use a bios dumped from an original MSX as I teach you in this post.

Notice: if you want to emulate real MSX systems and not only the free C-BIOS machines, put the system ROMs in one of the following directories: /opt/openMSX/share/systemroms or ~/.openMSX/share/systemroms

If you want openMSX to find MSX software referred to from replays or savestates you get from your friends, copy that MSX software to /opt/openMSX/share/software or ~/.openMSX/share/software

[ Optimize ]

The emulator is not scaled, so If you want play with full screen, change the next lines on the /boot/config.txt file:

framebuffer_width = 800
framebuffer_height = 600

To speed up a little, edit the next file: sudo nano /opt/openMSX/share/settings.xml. Add to section the next lines hosted on



Play Antartic Adventures

Download: Antartic Adventures (.rom)

Download: MSX cas files

Links: > openmsx - Setup guide | > openmsx - User's_manual

Nostalgic Link: > Aquellas pantallas de carga