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Pi Winner

Winner of the contest 'Raspberry Pi photography' thanks to Adafruit

Hello friends.

I'm full time studying Laravel & AngularJS for a project and I don't have spare time to stay with my lovely Pi, but yesterday the webinar from Element 14 with Eben Upton was awesome and now I want to burn my Pi with new ideas, so here are the weekly news as every Friday. Let's go!

I would highlight the webinar which has already been discussed in other blogs about the new model B +, and above that Eben answered a question I did (I exist!) and he said several things I want to put in a post if I get a copy of the conference. But let the News:

  • The making of the Raspberry Pi Model B+: An article with such extensive detail how updated this wonderful creature. Recommended reading from beginning to the end. | > The making of the Raspberry Pi Model B +

  • OwnCloud 7 released: Among its many new features, responsive design to mobile devices and tablets and improvements in storage. For those who do not remember, OwnCloud lets you access your data through a web environment. More info at > Seven

  • RetroPie updated: jzInt, Bsilisk II, rpix86, mupen64 and added to the family Quake 3. | > Download

Happy weekend! I'm going to fight with Laravel...

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