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EXTRA!. Possible new x86 emulator

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

EXTRA!: Possible new x86 emulator


One of the things that attract me from Raspberry Pi was emulation. Unfortunately,Dosbox port it's very slow in most distributions (It's said that on RISCOS works fine).

I got in touch with Patrick, developer of one of the best Nintendo DS x86 emulators, to see if it would be possible a port from a86, and this is what he said:


I am currently working on an Android port (called ax86) of my DSx86 emulator, but after I get that done I would like to at least look into porting it to Raspberry Pi as well. I believe much of the stuff I do for Android I can also use with Raspberry Pi, and I would not even need to worry about keyboard and mouse emulation, as I can use the real hardware. 😃

So, in short, yes it is possible, and I might start working on it some time in the future."

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