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LudOS: New Libretro's Frontend


Let's go by parts. First we have a new project called Ludo that belongs to the famous libraries libretro to emulate, as we already know, all kinds of consoles and computers of the last century. It is a multiplatform frontend that wants to compete with RetroArch. You can also run on our beloved Raspberry Pi, but they have thought it would be better to create an operating system that already had it built, and from there to born this first version alpha called LudOS.

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Raspberry Pi spanish group on mewe.com


The end of Google+ has motivated other companies to create the perfect and it seems that there is a lot of people talking about a new social network (Another more?!) called mewe. Something has called me to create there the first group in Spanish to talk about the Raspberry Pi, so it will serve as a meeting point for Spanish speakers, we will have the opportunity to chat or be aware of news in a more direct way. I have left the channel open so that you can also add links and keep a community alive to be informed.

You have another english and german interesting groups. I let you with the links below. What are you waiting for?

Link: mewe.com > raspberrypi_es

Play Descent 1 & 2 with DXX-Rebirth on the Raspberry Pi


I've added Descent to PiKISS long time ago (commented here), but I didn't have the oportunity to write about it. Now I've recompiled the latest version 0.60 Beta 2 available for your Raspberry Pi.

Descent is a 3D first person shooter that takes place in the distant future...

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New OpenMSX 0.15 for Raspberry Pi!

OpenMSX 0.15. Click to enlarge.

The best MSX emulator is already here loaded with new features! If you're a fan of this emulator or the MSX of the last century, come in and I've prepared a .deb package for you to enjoy along with the recommendation of a game to have fun.

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New HAT to load REAL MSX cartridges on Raspberry Pi


You know I'm a fan of retro computers. I had a ZX Spectrum, but also spent my childhood with a MSX. With this computer you could load games through cassettes, floppy disks and cartridges. Imagine being able to use a Raspberry PI not only for SD card programs, but also for real MSX cartridges. Victor Trucco (@victortrucco) has put this into practice. Do you want to know more?...

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News this week in the Pi World... Xmas Edition!


Before the end of the year, I would like to say that many things have happened to me, good and bad, but at least we are here to tell you about it. I'm on vacation and I'm going to dedicate it to the house (I'm already an expert in assembling Ikea furniture), the family and also to that leisure time that I sincerely need, and a lot. That's why the first thing I thought was to catch up and save some links I've been most interested in lately. I will also continue updating Google Docs. So I leave you with this compilation, and I end wishing you my dear readers, a Merry Christmas and I hope the next year we can continue messing with our beloved boards and those that are to come ...

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