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livarPi. Debian based distro

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

livarPi: Debian based distro


I like to put on my blog news that you can't find on the normal channels, mostly so that you do not see always the same boring news about GPIO, libraries and custom projects: P

I'd like to show you livarPi.

livarPi lets you build your own Debian system on Raspberry Pi. It's based on Raspbian Installer, is delivered without X server and has several tools:

  • cli window manager: dvtm
  • file manager: mc & ranger
  • editor: nano & vim
  • web browser: links2
  • mail client: mutt
  • irc client: weechat
  • media player: omxplayer
  • tools: htop & ncdu
  • pi administration: raspi-config & ssh
  • infos system: "ii" function
  • extractor: "extract" function

Link: livarPiopen in new window