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Update ATI drivers on Mac (Windows) or PC

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteGeneralAppleGeneralApple

Update ATI drivers on Mac (Windows) or PC


On my iMac I have a partition with Windows 8 (damn).

Basically I use it to... nothing, maybe play sometimes, and It's difficult to get some updated drivers to test a game or cool benchmarks... until now.

NOTE: Also applies to Windows 7 or 8 computers, whether desktop or laptop especially, who are facing more problems.

I found an ATI drivers offered to install it without complications. You can also install the Intel drivers too if you have it, which is essential today.

Main advantages:

  • Always Up-To-Date Drivers.
  • No dependency from your official notebook manufacturer.
  • Can be installed on clean system i.e. "from scratch" without problems.
  • Automated and reliable workaround to install modified drivers - DSE.
  • Detailed manual, which covers all you need to know about Leshcat’s driver sets.

Link: Leshcat's Catalystopen in new window

Link: UnifL manualopen in new window