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10.000 Hits!

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minGeneralRaspberry PIGeneralRaspberry PI

10.000 Hits!


Well, I have nothing prepared for this great event, but it deserves a few words.

Two months have passed since the blog started. There are still many things to do around here, and as you know I've been out a few weeks because of my wife.

Almost 100 post, visitors from USA, UK, Argentina, Chile, Germany, France, Mexico and particularly Spain.

First, let me thank the comments of encouragement that I have received, both on Twitter and in the blog. It seems silly, but I was excited about your comments on this difficult moments, and this makes a difference to me. Now you are part of my circle, as would said Google 😉

Now it is making some progress on the web (I hope I do not take another 10,000 visits). Most you come here to read news about Raspberry Pi, I know, and forgive me that sometimes post content that interests me. Let's see if I can separate content for anyone having to read any of the other topics that interest to me, both in the feeds and with the sections in the header.

Of course, any improvements or advice you may offer, are welcome. I also want that this blog to be a point of interest to help you spread your post or blog. Whenever you want to give visibility to your post, please send me your link, which I will publish it. Ditto if you have a store or business.

This post is dedicated to my wife who encouraged me to continue the blog, and my daughter, who can't stop dancing Mickey Mouse Club House and were it not for the 27" iMac, it would be impossible to devote time to blog .

And you, of course!. Hope to continue reading, the best is yet to come...