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Free Bunfle. get 9 awesome Mac apps for FREE

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteAppleApple

Free Bunfle: get 9 awesome Mac apps for FREE


First, let me thank you for the great reception given to the RetroPie's guide that I published a few days ago. The visits have gone through the roof and now I have a daily average of 400 visits. For a blog devoted entirely to something as specific as the Raspberry Pi has a special merit. Anyway I don't understand how it is possible that Google Docs continues to have such popularity and every time I go to the doc I see an average of 10 users online: P

Now I want to write about an offer for Mac. You need to register and you get at your disposal a number of free applications, which otherwise would cost you a bunch of dollars (in this case an average of 130$). If you have a Mac, take advantage.

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