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rpix86 version 0.03 released!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

rpix86 version 0.03 released!


Now we can forget DosBox forever. This emulator x86 is AWESOME!.

Download from the web or Pistore, uncompress with a game to test (I recommend the Keen Commanderopen in new window or Jill of the Jungleopen in new window saga) in the same folder and execute ./rpix86. Press Y to the question and now you go back 20 years in time and you know the most important commands: CD folder_name, DIR, CD .. exit from the folder.

This version contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improved support for combined keyboard/mouse USB devices (for example Logitech K400)

  • Fixed a problem in Mode-X STOSD opcode (fixes "Settlers")

  • Implemented read from file directly to EGA VRAM ("Heimdall")

  • Fixed SB command DSP_RESET to stop auto-init DMA play ("Doom")

Link: rpix86 blogopen in new window

Link: Pi Storeopen in new window

Link: rpix86 downloadopen in new window