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Beaglebone Black comes to stay with us

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIGeneralRaspberry PIGeneral

Beaglebone Black comes to stay with us


It seems that the Raspberry Pi had its moment of glory, and is already looking for another PCB to do more for the same price. Beaglebone has fit some features of your card, and now sell for $45. Is it worth it? Let's see its features...

Took several days looking for interesting information to post on Raspberry Pi and it seems that everything has been exploited already in our Raspi. We do everything with it: emulators, robots, speech synthesizers, home automation, download media center, servers. The possibilities are endless and its usefulness goes beyond a simple desktop computer.

Those who have always opted for a reduced price equipment and the possibilities we have raised, we see in the Beaglebone competent rival.


This new version calls himself Beaglebone Black. It come with a ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz processor (ARMv7 v6 compared to the Raspberry Pi), 512MB DDR3, Graphics Accelerator, microHDMI, miniSD, 2GB of internal storage for the operating system Angstrom Linux among other features.

Those who missed it have a good operating system, we can install Ubuntu (Did not you say good OS?) Or whatever ARMv7 compatible, Android included.

For those who like to be in contact with the outside world, has connections to get bored.

They are $10 more than RasPi, but as they say, comes with the power supply and network cable, not to mention the internal memory of 2 GB with Angstrom Linuxopen in new window preinstalled.

Is it worth buying then one Raspiopen in new window? Depends on what you're going to use it. Today we have taken advantage of this pileup to levels that would not have never imagined at first. He still has plenty of life, and will continue in the gap much longer. There is no planned obsolescence, but if you want a half decent desktop environment with a good web browser (yeah, with Flash support) or to run Android, Beaglebone is your alternative.

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