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Unstoppable. rpix86 0.5 released!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Unstoppable: rpix86 0.5 released!


A few days ago version 0.4 released, and would not comment if I get many positive changes in this emulator. If you want to know what new features brings...

  • Fixed EGA palette handling that got broken in the 0.04 version. Sorry!

  • Added hardware mouse cursor support in graphics modes.

  • Added options to adjust screen overscan values.

  • Added (experimental) support for running rpix86 under X Window system.

  • Added command line option -a2 to start rpix86 with no audio.

  • Added JPO and JPE opcode special handling for Chess Genius 3open in new window DOS version by Richard Lang.

  • Fixed bugs in several JPO and JPE game-specific opcode handlers.

Download: PiStoreopen in new window | rpix86 blogopen in new window

Link: forumopen in new window

Link: dsx86 compat. listopen in new window