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BerryIO. Web browser based control system for the RaspberryPi

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

BerryIO: Web browser based control system for the RaspberryPi


The aim of BerryIO is to enable developers to control the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO ports remotely from any device with a web browser, without ever needing to connect a screen or keyboard to the Pi itself.


  • Full GPIO control including input/output mode and on off toggling.

  • Support for Raspberry Pi revision 1 and 2 including 512MB version.

  • SPI DAC control and ADC values display.

  • Control of HDD44780 or KS0066U compatible LCD's.

  • CPU information display, including temperature.

  • Disk and memory usage information.

  • Network status view showing connectivity, signal strength, etc.

  • Command line interface which offers the same level of control as the web browser interface.

  • Email notification with a link to the BerryIO web browser interface.

  • Integrated upgrade system

  • API system for developing mobile apps

Installation instructions

// Make sure your distribution is up to date
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

// Download and run the latest setup script
wget -N
chmod +x
sudo ./

// Configure msmtp so it can access your mailserver
// Please check
// for further details
sudo nano /etc/msmtprc

// Configure your GPIO settings
// If you have an original revision 1 board comment out the revision 2
// GPIO settings and uncomment the revision 1 settings.
// If you have fitted the P5 header on the revision 2 board you can
// enable that here also
sudo nano /etc/berryio/gpio.php

// Test BerryIO is working
berryio help

// Test email is working
sudo berryio email_ip

Definitely an interesting project that is updated fairly regularly.

Link: BerryIOopen in new window