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New shared notes. Ubuntu join to the family

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteLinuxLinux

New shared notes: Ubuntu join to the family


I like Ubuntu, I feel comfortable with him on almost all flavors least KDE (Flame wars!open in new window). Now you have at your disposal my most beloved script for this flavor updated on the lateral bar.

In Spanish, but perfectly understandable.

They are notes I try one day be a script really. Being able to run quietly and without fear when you have Ubuntu just installed, go for a coffee, and when you come back you'll have your operating system with steroids. You are being warning. I hope you edit with your preferences.

Before we had shared for a group of people and now I make it available for my followers. So here you have it.

Now you can pass from having a heavy slow Ubuntu when you boot the system, who I'm pretty sure will occupy more than 600 MB in memory, to this:


Spanish Link: Google Docs - My notes from Ubuntuopen in new window