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Warranty Services. Farnell

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Warranty Services: Farnell


When our Pi or any device under warranty stops working, we always go into a cold sweat and we feel a choking sensation. Then we need to use the warranty service.

I met a user who contacted with me to see if I could solve the problem with their Raspberry Pi. At the end he had to use the warranty with the company Farnell (Spain).

In my case I had to use the Apple's warranty service with a new iPad when it Home button stopped working and they changed it with a new one.

Felipe Maza tells us their story, maybe it can help more than one:

  • In the summer of last year I received a Raspberry Pi bought in Farnellopen in new window.

  • After 10 months, the last May, 6 my Raspberry Pi stop working, after several tests changing cables, cards and so forth, could determine that the PCB was not working correctly.

  • On May, 8 I write to the technical service Farnell in Spain (linkopen in new window) explaining all the tests I've done.

  • The same day Farnell UK responds with apologizing that the device fails and give me a code to attach to the package with UPS shipping to pick in the direction they say.

  • On May, 9 I give my address.

  • The May, 10 UPS comes to take my Rasberry Pi.

  • On May, 17 they issue a refund invoice for the amount of Raspberry Pi and shipping charges.

  • On May, 21 appear in my account the money, the transaction dated May , 16.

Excellent service with Farnell. We often forget, especially when we buy products to China, what will happen if you device does not work.

Have you had warranty issues with this or another company? Now it's up to you comment.

Thanks to Felipe for sharing their experience.

NOTE: Image courtesy from David Hall (Flickropen in new window).