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AEROS for Raspberry Pi

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

AEROS for Raspberry Pi


While one native portopen in new window of AROS (Amiga Real Operating System) continues, here is another project called AEROS pretty interesting.

Want to know more?

AEROS is a hybrid distribution between AROSopen in new window and Linux(Debian 7.0 for ARM). The pity is that this version to our Pi is only for registered users, but you can access a public beta.

Benefits for AROS users of having Linux under the hood:

  • more drivers (printers, scanners, NIC, Videocards and more)

  • you are able to run every Linux app including Wine (which enables the use of Windows (TM) apps without the need of Windows(TM))

  • AROS - Developers can use Linux development tools

  • AROS apps can utilize Linux tools to enhance there own functionalitiy.

  • Single AROS processes can be forced to run on a single core.

Benefits for Linux users of having AROS on top Linux:

  • Fast desktop, maybe the fastest on LInux

  • Allows you to run AROS apps and games too, most of them come from Amiga and have a low footprint. You will like how fast they are.

  • Allows you to use JanusUAE - an integrated Amiga emulation... classic 68k Amiga apps can be used in coherency mode

As I mentioned, we have a public beta, limited to the option not to install Linux applications. I leave you with it.

Download: aeros-pi-p1.img.7z (1.6 GB)open in new window

Register: aeros-os.orgopen in new window

Forum: aros-exec.orgopen in new window

Ebay: AEROS for Raspberry PI beta on SD-cardopen in new window

AEROS Public Beta 1
AEROS Public Beta 1