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Final Burn Alpha 2x for Raspberry Pi by Squid

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Final Burn Alpha 2x for Raspberry Pi by Squid

Few people remember the Callusopen in new window CPS1 emulator that brings titles like Street Fighter II with a flawless emulation.

A worthy successors are Winkawaksopen in new window for Windows and FinalBurn. Now we have FinalBurn available for our Raspberry Pi. Are you ready to play Marvel vs. Capcom?... Fight!

Squid, which has ported to us emulators like MAME4ALL-piopen in new window or pisnesopen in new window, surprises us with Finalburn Alpha X2. The emulation is perfect and I can't wait to try it 😄

Link: Raspberry Pi App Storeopen in new window

Link: - PiFBAopen in new window

Link: .xls compatibility listopen in new window

Enlace: ROMs from (Delete after 24 hours blah, blah, blah)open in new window User: bugme-not | Password: bugmenot