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PiMAME v. 0.7.5 released!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

PiMAME v. 0.7.5 released!


After several betas, and having very close another version that will include ScummVM and Gearboy, we have with us this new version of PiMAME to enjoy this Sunday.

Includes Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) and the famous Cavestory. Remember that in this new version is included in their betas other emus. Let's review what we can currently emulate or play with this distribution:

  • Cavestory

  • Stella (Atari 2600)


  • SNES9X

  • PCSX_ReARMed (PlayStation)

  • GNGeo (Neo Geo)

  • AdvanceMAME 1.2

Download: (1.1 GB)open in new window


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