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Thank You!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIGeneralRaspberry PIGeneral

Thank You!


First of all, thank you for the visits yesterday. About 800 visitors in a day is something I'm not ready.

Maintain a blog seems easy but search daily interesting news, images, test, translate,... is hard work without reward.

Also thank you to raspipc.esopen in new window for supporting the site with your banner. Honestly if you live in Spain and do not want to do your life complicates looking keypads, cases or wires, the best is a pack available on their website. In a day or less you'll have it in your home, not to mention the impeccable service and warranty which commented earlier.

The supreme gratitude goes to my dear wife and those who comment, retwitt and spread news through this blog.

Now I want to make a stop along the way and discuss a few things that I have prepared for the blog:

Most importantly, minor changes like more buttons to share on social networks. Try to get other content like programming. The Google Docsopen in new window come famous and I am translating into English as people demand. I think it is more successful than this blog 😛. In fact I think there is no other document ON THE INTERNET like that (true story).

And most importantly, a contest. I bought a pair of Arduinos for $9 that I mentioned recently, and that you can get in this linkopen in new window.

If you want to join, send articles or want to change something on the blog, you know what to do.

See ya!