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Ambilight for Raspbmc updated

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Ambilight for Raspbmc updated


One of the more popular postopen in new window in the forums is referred to the project Ambilight. This project helps us to build a lighting system around our TV that lets you enjoy a more visual experience.

We have already seen thanks to the detailed instructions that our friend Hugo Ruiz sent us.

Now talks about the changes needed to make it work in the new version of Raspbmc.

For Raspbmc July update, again things change a little. Now use a different boblight bringing the conf files. Names must have 3 characters, ie. green will grn, blu, red. A new feature also captures and reproduces the light while nothing is played, from the main menu. Steps to work:

1. Install the new update.

*2. create boblight.conf. You have to change ALL names to 3 characters of color. *

3. For options, edit the following file:

sudo nano /etc/init/boblight-dispmanx.conf
ctrl+x y fin


Link: MisApuntesde... Ambilight Guide

Link: raspbmcopen in new window