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arkOS. Securely self-hosting your server

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

arkOS: Securely self-hosting your server


arkOS is presented as an operating system based on Arch Linux with three important premises when hosting your own server: fast, easy and secure.

The best thing is that everything is made from a specific environment that make the installation of any service easy and hassle free. It's time to go forgetting pacman and apt-get...

The functions that can be set when a server operating system are typical: web server, mail, social networking profile and your own file server on the cloud among others. It also lets you easily configure the environment to connect to internet if you have no self-control.

The system has its own control panel called Genesis that will allow us to control all aspects of the operating system without having to run any command in the terminal: System Monitor, users, applications with its own repository, plugins ...


I believe without a doubt that if you need you own server, you must choose this solution.

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