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Fruity-WiFi, security tools for Raspberry Pi

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Fruity-WiFi, security tools for Raspberry Pi


One of my passions is security. Although I can not devote the time I would like, it does keep me informed of everything going around visiting some websites on the Net.

Today I discovered this auditing tools based on WiFi Pineappleopen in new window than for those who don't know is a fusion of hardware and software to audit wireless networks through a web browser.

Thanks to the spanish blog securitybydefault.comopen in new window, which perfectly explain their use and installation, we'll get an environment like in the following screenshot to audit:


To install the tools:

unzip && cd FruityWifi-master/
chmod a+x

You can install it on Debian, Kali Linux ARM, Raspbian or Pwnpi.

To use it, enter http://localhost/FruityWifi with admin/admin.

I recommend reading the article I put below. Worth it.

Translated link: securitybydefault.comopen in new window

Link: Githubopen in new window