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Introducing SmartBot. Raspberry Pi compatible robot

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Introducing SmartBot: Raspberry Pi compatible robot


Everyone may think that the new revolution is 3D printers. I think we forgot something that surely going to explode from NOW. I speak of the world of robotics to anyone.

In this case, having a mobile making "brain" of the beast, you can control a robot with programmable features as discussed below...

The next revolution is called SmartBot. It connects to your mobile phone via the audio jack (among others) and to use all the advantages of your mobile device (GPS, BT, accelerometer) to control the base presented.

Battle robots, games, learning or using it as a pet. The possibilities are endless and the most interesting is that it is programmable and has its own SDKopen in new window. We can build as you will see in the video presentation an Arduino or other development board.

It has a programming system based on script. I invite you to visit the website to see all the features we can get. Its cost around 150 euros.

Happy Friday!

More info: overdriverobotics.comopen in new window