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UltraSlim. Retro Gaming + Q3A + Desktop + XBMC

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

UltraSlim: Retro Gaming + Q3A + Desktop + XBMC

all in one
all in one

Sorry because lately I'm somewhat involved with many personal projects and some of then for the Pi.

User Takenover83 present us UltraSlim: a minimal version of Raspbian to have an ALL IN ONE OPERATING SYSTEM loaded with emulators, Quake 3, LXDE and XBMC...

This is what we get:

  • LXDE (minimal desktop with file browser, terminal, netsurf...)

  • XBMC - 12.2 Frodo

  • VNC

  • Tweaks to improve memory usage.

  • EmulationStation (boots to this, where you can launch other stuff, like emulators, LXDE, XBMC, etc..)

  • Quake III Arena (need to copy the .PAK files inside)

  • Overclock to 900/450/450/2

  • Retroarch with Atari 2600, Sega - Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD, Nes, SNES, MAME, Playstation and Muppen64plus

Download: Mediafire (279 MB)open in new window

More info.: > [11/01/13] UltraSlim - Retro Gaming + Q3A + Desktop + XBMCopen in new window

Another project by Takenover83: > [ALL IN ONE] Ultimate Raspbian - XBMC, Gaming, Desktopopen in new window