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Updates for OpenELEC & RetroPie

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Updates for OpenELEC & RetroPie


Today I would like to thanks the people who contact me by e-mail or Twitteropen in new window for congratulating me on the blog and ask some other things about the Pi. Weekly I receive many emails and I try to answer them all.

Today's news is that we have updates from two of our favorite distros: OpenELEC and RetroPie...

The latest version of RetroPie 1.9.1 fixed "freezing" bug. Let's remember that changes in version 1.9.0:

  • Added emulator Mame4All-RPi & Mupen64Plus-RPi

  • Added configuration script to the "splash screen"

  • Added configuration menu for RetroArch NetPlay

About OpenELEC, currently is under maintenance and I could not access the features of this new version, but you can download in the link I left or you can enable the option "automatic updates" from the OpenELEC menu.

Download: (89 MB)open in new window

Download: (1.6 GB)open in new window