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Top Operating Systems recently updated (December, 2013)

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Top Operating Systems recently updated (December, 2013)

sd pile
sd pile

Today I have started to visit the different Operating Systems that we can get to the Raspberry Pi and I've made a list with five ten that OS which have been updated in recent months and those who have long not been updated. Do you have curiosity?...

DISCLAIMER: I mean built images dates.

We all like to get the Operating System with the latest patch updates, software and repos. In our world, not always possible if you have a distribution created by a user independently or with a specific goal. So we have a hundred of them, but in the end many end up in oblivion.

You can find a candidates list in the Operating Systems section inside my Google Docsopen in new window. Interestingly on the official raspberrypi.orgopen in new window website are not updated links in the downloads section of any of them.

The list I put below are OS with a .img already created and does not need compilation. Perhaps some are rolling relased.

Those who have long not been updated are:

I hope this list helps a little more to your choice of Operating System for your Raspberry Pi. I'll update it when I feel or any of my dear readers asks me.

About pipaOSopen in new window, soon you will have news here about this Operating System created by a Spanish.