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Commodore 64 emulator to celebrate Valentine's Day

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Commodore 64 emulator to celebrate Valentine's Day


We can't spend a lot of money in a day like this, but certainly if you call any restaurant in your city, I'm pretty sure you can't take any reservation. So it is best to stay home with your Raspberry Pi and try this emulator I propose to you...

VICE emulates one of the best selling computer of all time, the Commodore 64. Casually, I have an original one gathering dust and I've never used it (please, don't kill me).

I thank the user welshy from the official forum for this gift. How great you are, man!

I put the links of the binary if you have a partner, but if you are a "forever alone"open in new window, here goes the source code to keep you busy...

PS: Post dedicated to my two women, Elena and Laura. For the first I gift you this night and to the second the next morning. I promise to play with you to Pac-Man 2 (SNES) or TMNT (MAME).

Binary link: > VICE - Commodore 64 Binaryopen in new window

Link to source code: > VICE - A 'Beginners Guide' to Compiling and Usingopen in new window

ROMs: > Commodore_64open in new window