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PiMAME 0.8 Preview Release

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

PiMAME 0.8 Preview Release


This post could have been good on a Friday, but I found today Monday... Shea has released a Preview that you can easily install on your Raspbian.

Remember that PiMAME will allow you to install a bunch of emulators on an easy way through a SD image or a script.

Emulators list:

  • Gearboy 1.4

  • Advancemame 1.2 y mame4all

  • Advancemess

  • DGEN sdl 1.32

  • gngeo 0.8 y pifba (BIOSopen in new window)

  • gpsp 0.91

  • pcsx_rearmed r19

  • pisnes 1.39

For the script installation, simply type the following and enjoy in your Raspbian distribution

wget -O - | bash

Mr. Silverman need to know how this new version behaves, so if you test, contact with him to tell it's amazing.

Link: blog.sheasilverman.comopen in new window