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Time, time, time

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIGeneralRaspberry PIGeneral

Time, time, time


Today I have not found anything interesting to talk about, so I want to comment something you should know: I use to update old post to "modernize" or update its contents. Sometimes changes are simple links that no longer work, I add others to give more information or I extend it...

This usually does not take a long time. Sometimes I think it can help.

Today I have also been reviewing the Google Docsopen in new window those blogs that have stopped publishing information for 3 months. It's been over 10 who have thrown in the towel and feel bad because they have very interesting articles.

Must add tests with my Pi to post an article or resolve any doubt from someone who write to me.

Anyway, there are many tasks and sometimes I run out of time to find information (that's another story) to the blog and it is increasingly difficult to find.

To all this I call "background work".

I would like you to give me your opinion about this blog. If you like it as is, or do you prefer quality content rather than both "background work" or want to put news even if I take it from other sites. At the end of the day this blog not only is for me.

Thank you.