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OpenELEC 4.0 FINAL released!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

OpenELEC 4.0 FINAL released!

XBMC Gotham
XBMC Gotham

After a few betas (seven in total) from early on March 6 of this year, we have with us the latest version of considered the best Media Center for Raspberry Pi. I review everything that the team have been introduced in this couple of months...

I have supported this distribution always compared to others with the same purpouse. After the imminent appearance of XBMC 13.0 "Gotham", could not miss the final version to enjoy our multimedia center without complications. The list of changes we have gradually seeing:

  • buildsystem core updated: gcc-4.9.0, eglibc-2.19, binutils-2.23.2 and llvm-3.4.
  • Linux Kernel 3.14
  • systemd replaces init system like the common desktop linux distribution.
  • Bluetooth, wlan & Samba better suport.
  • TTS via espeak.
  • bcm2835-bootloader & bcm2835-driver updated.
  • 3D movies support.
  • Better streaming via UPnP.
  • ALSA support enabled by default.
  • Use 128MB GPU even on Raspberry Pi model A with 256MB.
  • Auto resizing SD card.

Download disk image: > OpenELEC-RPI.arm-4.0.0.img.gzopen in new window