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Sonic Pi v2.0

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Sonic Pi v2.0

Sonic Pi
Sonic Pi

Curious that even though looking at my blog, I can't find no post has mentioned Sonic Pi, and soon we will see the version 2.0 of this free program that allows development to teach programming through music...

With Sonic Pi you'll be able to teach some programming concept through a simple programming environment, ideal for starting from the earliest age.

An example:

# flight of the bumblebee RasPi.TV style (or lack thereof)

# first some rythms
speed = 0.45  #set overall speed
breve = 8 * speed
semibreve = 4 * speed
minim = 2 * speed
crotchet = 1 * speed
quaver = 0.5 * speed
semi = 0.25 * speed
demi = 0.125 * speed
hemi = 0.0625 * speed

Still do not know what new features will have this new version, but in the article on The Mag Piopen in new window last month you can read a full article.

Link: prereleaseopen in new window

Link: > Sonic Piopen in new window