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The World Cup with Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu

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The World Cup with Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu

Brasil 2014
Brasil 2014

SCRIPT UPDATED: 18/Jun/2014 7:37 GMT +1

NOTE: Now you can enjoy more channels with the new script that I have prepared. Click on this new post: PiKISS: Two new scripts join to the family

I do not like football, but with the excuse to watch the match we meet friends for lunch/drunk.

Want to see it too? Take your Raspberry Pi or a computer with Ubuntu because I have prepared a script to enjoy the show...

NOTE: Sorry, only spanish audio, but if you want it in english, tell me in the comments...

Just boot your Ubuntu or Raspbian and execute the following:

curl / |bash

For Ubuntu you need to install mplayer and with Raspbian you will need omxplayer (HDMI output). Both should have them already installed in their respective operating systems.

If the signal goes, I will try to update the file.