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DietPi. Light distro for the summer

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

DietPi: Light distro for the summer


I think Dan Knight has struggled to their distro lose weight more than me lose 11 kg. before summer.

DietPi is essentially a Debian image optimized for the Pi. It comes in two versions: Server or torrent + download FTP...

All the tweaks and initial setup is done for you to ensure your Pi runs at its best.

DietPi - Core Stats:

  • Optimized Debian Image for the Pi. Raspberry Pi, on a diet!

  • Small <271MB~ Filesystem footprint

  • 9 processes

  • <10MB~ of memory usage on boot

  • Pi Safe Clock = 900mhz CPU // 250mhz GPU // 400mhz RAM // 2 Overvolt

  • 16/256mb 16/512mb GPU memory splits for Server images

  • All Log files (except fsck) goto /dev/null. Save that SD card!

  • Ready to mount ext4 USB external drive.

Do not forget to donate to the cause if you find it interesting the project on the following website.

Link: > DietPiopen in new window