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Lessbian. Jessie Raspbian server

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Lessbian: Jessie Raspbian server


We are all waiting to jump from Wheezy to Jessie on Raspbian to obtain the latest packages of our applications for both server and personal use.

Today I found this ready server operating system wich you can use for any task...

Lessbian is a stripped down Jessie Rasbian containing minimal number of useful packages to create a headless WiFi server.

This is a specialized distro intended for experienced developers and security experts who want a working base system to configure according to their needs.

Latest versions of hostapd, dnsmasq, kismet, aircrack-ng, tor, reaver, nmap etc. are bundled

We have three versions to download:

  • lessbian-2014.09.11 Jessie with systemd and root mounted ro (root password raspberry), has separate XFS partition for /var

  • lessbian-2014.09.16 Jessie without systemd, and has /var/spool mounted in extended XFS partition (root password is lessbian). Wireless power management is off by default at kernel level.

  • lessbian-tiny-2014.09.18: absolute minimal image with kernel 3.16 and wifi support

Link: > lessbianopen in new window

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