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Download & watch Youtube videos from Terminal with mps-Youtube

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIAppleLinuxRaspberry PIAppleLinux

Download & watch Youtube videos from Terminal with mps-Youtube

mps 01
mps 01

Every time I change from one OS to another, I feel the same: I must find an app to download any funny videos my daughter watched on Youtube and never have one that fits my needs completely. I never thought in a Python script to do this task. Their name: mps-youtube

[ Introduction ]

This script will allow us to watch videos, download them to any resolution, create lists local and much more, all from console.

[ Installation ]

You need to download thisopen in new window script and install it with: python

Now install mps-youtube with:

[sudo] pip install mps-youtube

Depending on the chosen operating system, you must install a player or another (see GitHub page for more detail).

To run it, simply type: mpsyt

[ Use ]

mps 02
mps 02

Upon entering the application, you will have a prompt which ask us to introduce the commands to execute. Here I show you a few examples:

/Aladdin # Search with the word(s) desired

d 5 # Download video from 5th position. You can choose the file format (webm, mp4, flv, 3gp,...)

set player mplayer

h # Help

i 5 # Info about the 5th video

p,n # back page (p) & next (n)

Link: > mps-youtubeopen in new window

Link: > How to access popular search engines from the command line on Linuxopen in new window