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ScoutBot. Penetration testers for Raspberry Pi (IMG)

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

ScoutBot: Penetration testers for Raspberry Pi (IMG)


ScoutBot is a must have application for penetration testers who are looking for an easy and inconspicuous way of gathering info on a target's network.

Built for the Raspberry Pi, this powerful script automates complex footprinting and reconnaissance tasks. While you enjoy a cup of coffee sitting next to that open Ethernet port ScoutBot could be scanning the network or sniffing the traffic, all without the need for a keyboard or monitor.

Here are some of the features:

  • Scans the target network for open ports

  • Identifies Windows environments

  • Identifies dynamic routing protocols

  • Identifies devices by scanning with SNMP

  • Identifies DHCP servers and their advertised scopes

  • Checks egress filtering

  • Identifies the network's outside IP address

  • Performs a WHOIS to identify ISP

  • Performs a traceroute to the outside

  • Accepts static IP addresses

  • Accepts DHCP

  • Pre-configure for a completely automated attack

  • Works on any Raspberry Pi, no setup necessary

  • Free

Basically, you pre-configure the scan and then just plug the Raspberry Pi into the target network. This tool comes as a preloaded IMG which is ready to use.

Download .img: > scoutbotopen in new window

Link: > scoutbotopen in new window